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WDA Boys' Basketball Tournament
March 2-4, 2017
Bismarck Civic Center

Brackets | Awards
Play In Games
9th Seed @ 8th Seed
Playin Game 1
Location: Turtle Mtn. HS
Friday, Feb. 24; 7:30 p.m.
#9-Williston 56
#8-TMCHS (Belcourt) 86
10th Seed @ 7th Seed
Playin Game 2
Location: Bis. St. Mary's HS
Saturday, Feb. 25; 2:00 p.m.
#10-Jamestown 74
#7-Bis. St. Mary's 77



Bismarck Civic Center-Main Arena
March 2, 2017
Quarterfinals-Game 1
#1-Minot High 92
#8-TMCHS (Belcourt) 73
Quarterfinals-Game 2
#4-Bismarck High 46
#5-Bismarck Legacy 70
Quarterfinals-Game 3
#2-Dickinson High 95
#7-Bis. St. Mary's 99
Quarterfinals-Game 4
#3-Bismarck Century 57
#6-Mandan 54
Second Round
Bismarck Civic Center
March 3, 2017
Champ. Semifinals-Game 7
Main Arena-5:30
#1-Minot High 65
#5-Bismarck Legacy 41
Champ. Semifinals-Game 8
Main Arena-7:15
#7-Bis. St. Mary's 46
#3-Bismarck Century 78
Cons. Semifinals-Game 5
Exhibit Hall-1:00
#8-TMCHS (Belcourt) 44
#4-Bismarck High 83
Cons. Semifinals-Game 6
Exhibit Hall-2:45
#2-Dickinson High 75
#6-Mandan 58
Final Round
Bismarck Civic Center-Main Arena
March 4, 2017
Championship Game-Game 11
#1-Minot High 64
#3-Bismarck Century 70
State Qualifier #2-Game 10
#4-Bismarck High 72
#7-Bis. St. Mary's 46
State Qualifier #1-Game 9
#2-Dickinson High 68
#5-Bismarck Legacy 54

All-tournament team:
Josh Sipes, Bismarck Century
Joe Jahner, Bismarck High
Austin Wolf, Bismarck Legacy
Jordan Meidinger, Dickinson High
Aanen Moody, Dickinson High
KyJuan Johnson, Minot High
Justin Engg, Minot High
Peyton Lamoureux, Minot High

Senior athlete of the year: Aanen Moody, Dickinson High
Coach of the year: Brent DeKok, Bismarck St. Mary's

All-WDA team:
Bismarck Century: Lucas Mayer, Josh Sipes
Bismarck High: Solomon Garter, Joe Jahner
Bismarck Legacy: Jason Hoekstra, Austin Wolf
Bismarck St. Mary’s: Cole Gendreau, Luke Kambeitz
Dickinson High: Jordan Meidinger, Aanen Moody
Mandan: Camren Steckler, Trae Steckler
Minot High: Justin Engg, KyJuan Johnson, Peyton Lamoureux

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