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Eastern Dakota Conference Constitution & By-Laws


The name of this association shall be the Eastern Dakota Class A Conference and the effective date of operation shall be fall, 1968.



It shall be the purpose of this conference to guide and control the interscholastic activity programs of the member schools in order to promote the highest and most ethical standards in the conduct of these programs.


Section 1.  Board of Control

  1. The Board of Control will consist of the principal from each member school.
  2. The responsibility of the Board of Control shall be to consider, approve, reject and initiate changes in the Constitution.
  3. Voting shall be by member schools and business shall be to operate the affairs of the association.

Voting shall be by member school and changes in the Constitution shall be made on two- thirds vote of the member schools, except in case of a change in membership which shall require a unanimous vote. (This applies to Sections 1 and 4 of Article V).

            Section 2.  Officers

  1. The Board shall select a chairman, and such other officers as the Board shall determine. Officers shall be rotated in the order designated by Article III, Section 2-a, 1 and 2.

1. Board of Control – Chair

2014-15  Fargo North 2020-21 Devils Lake  
2015-16  GF Central 2021-22 Fargo South  
2016-17  Wahpeton 2022-23 GF Red River  
2017-18 Fargo Davies 2023-24 Shanley  
2018-19 WF Sheyenne 2024-25 West Fargo  
2019-20 Valley City 2015-16  Fargo North  

2. Board of Control

      1. Chairman – shall be a representative of the high schools and shall serve on a rotation schedule on an annual basis according to each school’s designated position in the conference, as listed on page 1.
      2. Secretary/Treasurer – will be designated by member schools. Effective in the 2015-16 school year, these assignments will be split between two people, each of whom will be paid a stipend, with the amount being determined by the Board of Control.
      3. Sports Liaison – will be assigned for each sponsored sport of the EDC at the EDC meeting held at the end of each athletic season. The sport liaison will serve as the “go to person” for the sports and essentially administer the sport for the conference.

Each new member will be inserted at the end of the rotation schedule.

b. Duties of Officers

    1. Board of Control

      1. The chairman shall preside over all conference Board of Control meetings and shall execute all actions deemed necessary by the Board of Control for the well-being of the conference.
      2. The secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Board of Control and shall distribute copies of minutes to all member schools, and to each member of the Board of Control. The secretary shall also issue conference passes.
        The treasurer shall keep a record of receipts and expenditures and he/she shall be responsible for payment of all conference supplies and awards. He/she shall expend conference funds only upon proper authorization by the Board of Control.
      3. Vacancies in any office shall be filled by appointment by the chairman of the Board of Control. In case of vacancy in chairmanship of the Board, the Secretary becomes chairman protem.


            Section 1.  Board of Control

    1. Board of Control shall meet annually in May/June at a time and date to be selected by the chairman of the board.  It is recommended that the meeting is to be a dinner and social meeting.
    2. Other regular meetings shall be held following the completion of fall and winter sports season.
    3. Special meetings shall be called as needed subject to the desire of the chairman.

            Section 2   Agenda

    1. The secretary or the chairman shall have the responsibility of presenting an agenda to each member school five days prior to the official meeting. Items for the agenda should be submitted to the chairman ten days prior to a meeting. Other items may be placed on the agenda of any meeting upon the unanimous consent of the quorum present.


Section 1.  Membership in this conference shall be determined by the Board of Control.

Section 2.  The following school systems and/or high schools are charter members:

  1. Devils Lake High School (admitted fall, 1990)
  2. Fargo Public Schools
    1. North
    2. South
  3. Grafton High School (admitted fall, 1990; withdrew May, 1992; re-admitted 1994; re-classified to Class B in volleyball, 2002; re-classified to Class B in all sports, 2003)
  4. Grand Forks Public Schools
    1. Central
    2. Red River
  5. Jamestown High School (moved to WDA by NDHSAA, 2006)
  6. Shanley High School
  7. Valley City High School (admitted fall, 1990) (withdrew June, 2009, as per NDHSAA classification) (re-admitted upon NDHSAA classification)
  8. Wahpeton High School (withdrew May, 1989 – re-admitted fall, 1990)
  9. West Fargo High School (admitted in fall, 1977)
  10. Fargo Davies admitted fall, 2009; sub-varsity levels of participation until the fall of 2011
  11. WF Sheyenne admitted fall, 2014, varsity and sub-varsity programs as determined by participation numbers.  There are co-op programs with West Fargo HS that will remain in effect until sufficient participation numbers allow for separate programs.

Section 3.  Other schools may apply for admission in writing to the Board of Control.  The admission of new schools not presently provided for in other sections of this constitution shall be by unanimous vote of the Board of Control.  New schools may begin competition and be eligible for full participation in the conference at such time as they have met the requirements of the constitution and this has been certified by the Board of Control.

Section 4.  Any member school may withdraw from the conference provided that such school shall notify the Board of Control in writing.  Any school withdrawing from the conference must meet all conference commitments after their notice of withdraw has been filed at the annual meeting.

Section 5.  The Board of Control shall adjudicate all grievances and disputes that might arise within the conference.

Section 6.  Any member school may be suspended or dismissed from the conference for conduct unbecoming a member school.  Such suspension or dismissal shall be by unanimous vote of the Board of Control of the conference (the school or schools involved in any dispute being disciplined not voting) at the annual meeting.

Section 7.  Conference membership requires participation in all varsity conference schedules when the EDC school is assigned to the East Region by the NDHSAA.


Development of varsity schedules shall be the duty of the Board of Control or its designate/s.

            Section 1.  Determining Conference Champions

  1. Baseball:  The final standings in the East Region regular season will determine the champion.
  2. Basketball:  The final standings in the East Region regular season will determine the champion.
  3. Cross Country:  A conference championship meet prior to the State Meet will determine the champion.
  4. Football: The season’s final standings (excluding non-conference games) and the NDHSAA tie breaking formula will be used to determine the champion.
  5. Golf: The conference championship will be determined by the regional tournament championship.
  6. Gymnastics:  The East Regional meet will be used to determine the champion.
  7. Hockey: The final standings in the East Region regular season will determine the champion.
  8. Soccer: The final standings in the East Region regular season will determine the champion.
  9. Softball: The final standings in the East Region regular season will determine the champion.
  10. Swimming: A conference championship meet prior to the State Meet will determine the champion.
  11. Tennis: The EDC Regional Team Tournament will determine the champion.
  12. Track & Field: The EDC Regional meet prior to the State Meet will be used to determine the champion.
  13. Volleyball: The final standings in the East Region regular season will determine the champion.
  14. Wrestling:  Results of the East Region Wrestling Tournament will be used to determine the champion.

Section 2.  The following represents the maximum per sport allowance for All-Conference designation (base upon the nomination by coaches and approval by the EDC Board of Control or other specific criteria as indicated):




15 (each – B/G)

Cross Country            

20 (each – B/G)




10 (each – B/G)




15 (each – B/G)


22 (each – B/G)


18 (determined by coaches' formula)


18 (event champions to include indiv./relay champions)


15 (each – B/G)

Track & Field                  

(event champions – B/G)




14 (weight class champions)

Section 3.  Region Tournament/Meet Site Selection

  1. The Conference tournament or meet sites will be selected by the athletic administrators at the EDC meeting following the fall and winter seasons, and at the May/June meeting. Coaches’ preference will be considered when the sites are being determined.


The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the member schools present at the annual meeting of the conference Board of Control, provided that notice is given at least a month prior to the time of the final action. A copy of the proposed amendment shall have been sent to every member school ten days before final action is to be taken.


The Conference and its constitution and by-laws, must conform to the rules and regulations of the North Dakota High School Activities Association. In all matters of policy, the general policies of the North Dakota High School Activities Association must take precedence. In matters pertaining to change of constitution, each school shall have one (1) vote.


Operating assessment will be made to meet expenses of the conference upon recommendations of the Board of Control.


All meetings will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Revised: 06/19/2015


EDC Competition By-Laws



By-Laws or amendments to existing by-laws may be added to any meeting of the Conference by a majority vote by all Conference representatives.



Section 1.     Contracts: Contractual relations shall be the responsibility of the two schools involved.  All schedules adopted by the conference shall be deemed contractual in nature.

Section 2.     Physicians: A physician or certified athletic trainer provided by the host school shall be in attendance or on call for all EDC athletic events.

Section 3.     Supervision: The host school shall provide adequate personnel to supervise all athletic events. The visiting school shall provide adult supervision for school sponsored groups.


When a tie exists involving two (2) teams for seeding purposes into a regional or state tournament, based upon regular-season standings, the following formula will be used to break the tie:
  1. Head to Head competition (wins/losses/ties)
  2. Score differential between the tied teams (max. score)
  3. Record (win/loss/ties aginst the next highest seed (in descending order of standings)
When a tie exists among three or more teams, the tie-breaking formula is applied to determine a top team; and then return to the formula to continue the process, each time determining the next highest seed, until all positions have been determined.
  1. Head to Head (wins/losses/ties) among the tied teams
  2. Score differential among the tied teams, with a maximum score allowed (see section below)
  3. Record against the highest available seed, continuing through the standings (in descending order).
  4. Score differential among the tied teams, continuing through the standings.

Maximum scores:

  • Baseball: 7 runs per game
  • Softball: 7 runs per game
  • Boys' & Girls' basketball: 15 points
  • Football: 17 points
  • Boys' & Girls' hockey: ?
  • Boys' & Girls' soccer: ?
  • Boys' & Girls' tennis: matches; total number of sets won among tied teams
  • Volleyball: sets won in head-to-head competition; total points scored in head-to-head competition
  • Wrestling: refer to NDHSAA dual tie-breaker criteria after afore-mentioned steps are unsuccessful

All tie breaking criteria are subject to the playoff qualification regulations as set by the NDHSAA. Should the NDHSAA playoff qualification regulations change, then the EDC will consider amending the conference tie-breaking criteria.




When seeding EDC teams from the Regional to State Tournament, the following principle will be used: “winners advance based upon pre-tournament seeding, unless the lower-seeded team defeats the higher seed during region tournament play.  This will be used in all bracketed tournaments.

Baseball:  The following plan will deal with play limitations at/during the regional t ournament that might be caused by inclement weather:

  1. If there is no tournament, the top four teams will advance to the state
  2. If the first day is completed, two state qualifiers and two highest seeds in each state qualifying game will advance.  In the event one game is completed, and others are not, the team with two wins along with the highest seeds among the teams still playing will advance to the state tournament.

Revised:  05/17/13

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