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Spring 2015

  • Bismarck, ND
      • Keynotes
        • Dr. Maureen Clemmons
          • Dr. Clemmons unites creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication with social studies, language, and symbolism, textiles, engineering, art, mathematics, and science.  Her outside-the-box thinking and innovations have led to applications in the South American jungles, unexpected solutions in North Dakota’s oil patch…even uses on future Mars missions.
        • Graeme Wylie
          • Whether it be the critical importance of incorporating real world connections in the science being done, of using humor to connect with participants, of finding ways to partner with other people or organizations to increase impact or simply where the best places to beg, borrow and steal ideas from are, I will share how my science outreach organization has gone from 1 show a year to providing 1,000+ students in the Fargo Moorhead area with positive science experiences.
        • Karl Schaffer & Erik Stern
          • From a trio for two dancers and a basketball that gets at the physics of motion to tap dances and clapping games that reveal the mathematics of rhythm, The Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble has been delighting and enlightening audiences and educators for over two decades with their performances and workshops. The focus of their keynote is how problem solving, collaboration and creative and critical thinking are shared processes of choreography and STEM. They show how this overlap can be used in math and science through examples of whole body movement explorations. Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern are designated Teaching Artists with the Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program, and their book Math Dance with Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern is a valuable companion to their workshops. They teach at De Anza College and Weber State University, have received scores of grants, and have presented throughout North American and also in Europe and Asia.
        • Duane Merrell
      • COLLEGE CREDIT (University of Mary) (UND)
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      • Proposed Agenda (Agenda)
      • Map of primary motels and CHS (pdf) (web link)
      • Conference payments can be made using paypall below (click on donate and fill in the dollar amount) or you can mail a check to:
            • Janine Roaldson
            • Simile Middle School
            • 1215 N 19th St
            • Bismarck, ND 58501
      • Conference Chair - Chad Worrel -
      • This year's conference is being held jointly with the North Dakota Science Teachers Association (NDSTA)
      • Take advantage of access to session in both subject areas this year at one conference
      • March 20-21, 2015
      • Hotel Rooms
      • Thursday night social and registration - Heritage Center
      • Friday night banquet - Baymont Inn and Suites
      • Friday and Saturday workshops at Century High School

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