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History of the Journal

The North Dakota Journal of Speech & Theatre was established by the state association in 1987. According to Robert Littlefield (1998), association leaders believed state communication scholars and teachers needed a refereed journal as an outlet for useful and important work of interest to a regional audience. As well, universities would be more likely to affiliate with the association if they saw benefits aimed at a post-secondary audience. Editors Jonathan Amsbary and Rebecca Hilliker wrote, "While our interests vary substantially, our goals to enrich education, intellectual curiosity and pride in our state remain constant for all of us. The North Dakota Journal of Speech & Theatre and the North Dakota State Speech and Theatre Association pledge their efforts toward achieving these goals." (1987).

Since that time the journal has twice won the Central States Communication Association State Journal Award, in 1997 and 1999. The journal is produced yearly, in September.



1987-89: Jonathan Amsbary and Rebecca Hilliker (two yearly issues for Volume One).

1989-91: Timothy L. Sellnow and Mark H. Sterner.

1992: Timothy L. Sellnow and Beverly A. Huschka.

1993-95: Beverly A. Huschka and Stephen Rendahl.

1996: Stephen Rendahl and Daniel McRoberts.

1997-98: Daniel McRoberts and Deanna Sellnow.

1999: Daniel McRoberts and Ross Collins.

2000-01: Ross Collins.

2002-03: Mark Meister.

2004: Robert Littlefield.

(Sources: Robert S. Littlefield, Voices on the Prairie. Bringing Speech and Theatre to North Dakota. Fargo: Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University, 1998. Jonathan Amsbary and Rebecca Hillker, Editor's Note, North Dakota Journal of Speech & Theatre 1 (1987), 1.)