Contest Updates

All competitors must bring resume(s) to Sunday Orientation or complete the Knowledge Test

Architectural Drafting (updated 3/29/2018)

Automotive Refinishing Technology (updated 3/28/2018)

Automotive Services Technology (updated 4/2/2018)

CNC Milling - Turning - Technician (updated 3/21/2018)

Cabinetmaking (updated 4/4/2018)

Carpentry (updated 3/28/2018)

Collision Repair Technology (updated 3/28/2018)

Computer Programming (updated 3/29/2018)

Culinary Arts (updated 3/21/2018)

Electrical Construction Wiring (updated 3/28/2018)

Electronics Technology (updated 4/3/2018)

First Aid/CPR (updated 2/23/2018)

Internetworking (updated 4/3/2018)

Medical Math (updated 2/23/2018)

Medical Terminology (updated 2/23/2018)

Mobile Electronics (updated 4/4/2018)

Nurse Assisting (updated 2/23/2018)

Plumbing (updated 3/29/2018)

Prepared Speech (updated 3/29/2018)

Related Technical Math (updated 2/23/2018)

Teamworks (updated 3/28/2018)

Technical Drafting (updated 3/29/2018)

Welding (updated 3/21/2018)

Welding Fabrication (updated 3/21/2018)



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